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Organic light and wild

Made by nature not by rules

Take a slow adventure

Distillery Tours

If you’re up for an adventure, please come and visit us. We open our distillery to visitors once a day during the working week: take a look behind the scenes as we create our future whisky, taste our evolving spirit and have a cocktail in our bar.

We only have two rules: you must pre-book and we’re sorry but we can’t accept children under the age of 12.

To book, please select a date and book online or call us on 01967 421698. Visits either include coffee and cake or lunch. Some are designed specifically for visitors from Tobermory, who can come straight to us by boat.

  Tours Available   Fully Booked

300 bottles in the making

Buy a Barrel

Making whisky requires patience. We’re just at the beginning.

Our first bottled whisky will be ready in 2020. But if you can’t wait until then, we’re offering 60 people the chance to buy a barrel of our whisky this year. Prices start from £3,000 for a barrel that will eventually give you over 300 bottles.

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NcN'ean Whisky