Whisky’d Away

The Ncn’ean Internship 2019

Applications for our internship have now closed. You will hear if you are through to the final round by 22 May. If you missed out this year, follow us on instagram to hear about any future opportunities. 

Our Whisky’d Away programme is a one-week internship to encourage women to consider careers in the whisky industry. The internship will run from the 15th-19th July at Ncn’ean’s beautiful distillery on the west coast of Scotland. It will provide two women with the chance to experience all sides of distilling first hand – from mashing to distillation to warehousing, as well as foraging, hosting visitors, bartending and checking on spirit quality.

Application form

Ncn'ean - Organic Whisky Distillery
Ncn'ean - Organic Whisky Distillery
Ncn'ean - Organic Whisky Distillery


Please tick this box to confirm you agree to the Terms & Conditions including that you are female, aged over 18, resident in the UK or with a visa to allow you to travel to the UK, and available from 14th-20th July inclusive
I agree

We wish you luck! The deadline for applications is the 16th May. You will be told by email whether or not you have made it through to the second round by the 20th May. The final decision will be made by the 10th June.

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