Aged Botanical Spirit


The story began with a simple question: ‘have you thought about ageing your Botanical Spirit?’. Well, and here is the funny thing, we hadn’t. You see, we are a whisky distillery with over 1,500 barrels of whisky ageing in our warehouses, so it would seem obvious to try ageing our Botanical Spirit. Sometimes someone just has to ask the question.

Fast forward to today, and here are the results of our first Botanical Spirit ageing experiment. An exploration of our spirit, of cocktail ingredients and of barrel ageing.


The ex-bourbon is a classic whisky-ageing barrel. The Mondino is one of our favourite pairings with our Botanical Spirit: an organic, German bitter liqueur; a special collaboration with our friends at Mondino. The Vermouth was inspired by the classic martini combination of gin and vermouth: what happens if you age a gin-like spirit in a vermouth cask?

The result: 1,000 bottles of each – when they are gone, they are gone.


Try the bourbon as a Julep, the Vermouth with tonic and olive, the Mondino with grapefruit and soda. Try them next to each other for comparison. Try mixing them all together. For full recipes, click here.

3 x 200ml; 40% abv

Free UK shipping. (Unfortunately we don’t yet ship internationally)


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