Botanical Spirit


Inspired by the beautiful flavours in our unaged whisky spirit and the wild herbs and flowers that grow at the distillery, we set out to create a perfect marriage of the two. As a young distillery, this is the first of our experiments to be released, and a big milestone on our journey.


Our unaged whisky spirit is redistilled with ten botanicals (including wild bog myrtle, sorrel, heather and thyme) by our friends, west coast gin distillery Beinn an Tuirc. The result is a striking, individual spirit that combines creamy, nutty, barley notes with the flavours of grapefruit, herbs and sour berries.


Serve with tonic, a dash of Angostura bitters and plenty of ice. Prefer a martini? See our cocktail recipes here.


On the nose: soft, rich and nutty notes of barley with a hint of salty sea breeze are followed by smooth, calming chamomile and herbaceous thyme. On the palate: a smooth, creamy texture with delicate spice and pepperiness alongside grapefruit and sour berries.

500ml; 40% abv

Shipping: available to UK only; £5 for 1-3 bottles. Shipping details
If you wish to purchase more than 12 bottles, please contact us by email or phone for shipping costs.


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